Get In Tune With Your Self

Human beings have different selves, or more specifically, we have multiple levels of the self. Our ego identity is one of them. This is the part we need to develop on our path from early childhood to adulthood. The ego identity allows us to get a grip on the concept of who we are. It enables us to establish necessary boundaries between ourselves and other people. Throughout our lives the ego identity is also an area where we can get stuck when we get caught up in the ‘I-Me-and-Myself’ culture that is so common nowadays.  

Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) teaches us that the ego resides in the ‘sefira’ i.e. sphere of ‘Yesod’ (Foundation, Image). In the schematic picture of the Tree of Life, as seen in the Zivaya logo, Yesod is the purple circle, the second sphere counted from the bottom, placed on the middle pillar. When we mirror the schematic Tree of Life on our body, we see that the ego matches the middle of our belly, the area that comes to mind when we think of our ‘gut feelings’.

The middle pillar of the Tree of Life is the pillar of consciousness. As we progress in life towards a more conscious way of being, becoming more and more aware of who we are, living with more and more integrity towards ourselves and others, we can cross the threshold, the horizontal path placed above ‘Yesod’ in the schematic picture of the Tree of Life. As we do so, entering a more awakened state of mind, we connect with our higher Self. The yellow circle on the middle pillar, in the heart of the schematic Tree of Life, is the area of the higher Self. This ‘sefira’ i.e. sphere is called ‘Tiferet’ (Beauty, Essence). When we picture Tiferet on our body, we’re looking at the area of the heart.

Zivaya’s slogan ‘Get In Tune With Your Self’ is an invitation to cross the threshold, to move upward and look beyond the ‘I-Me-and-Myself’, to step out of your ego identity and get in touch with your higher Self by making the connection with your heart.

Not long ago I heard Hollywood director Tom Shadyac talk about his small-budget documentary ‘I Am’ on the Oprah Show. A clip from the documentary was shown with an overview of wild animals working together in groups, cooperating with each other and in doing so, improving their chances to survive. From the animal world we learn that cooperation is inherent in our nature.  Shadyac continued by saying that within different indigenous tribes cooperation is the highest value to strive for. In our Western society we’ve got it all wrong: instead of cooperation, we’re being taught from early childhood onwards that competition is the highest value.

Shadyac: ‘The pain will come because if we sow a seed of separation, division, and disunity and disharmony, that is exactly the fruit we’ll get. When you do a loving thing, when you put out positive energy, you feel happy. This is how human beings are wired. So the goal of karma—if there is a goal—is not to put out positive energy in order to get some positive energy back. The goal is to put out positive energy and feel positive about your life.’

Every single day we are making many, many choices. It is up to us how we deal with events that cross our path, how we connect with the people in our lives, from the stranger in the street to our closest loved ones. When we stay in our ego identity, unaware of the way we treat each other, conflicts and (cyber) bullying will continue to make headlines. However, when we start living in a more awakened and compassionate state of mind, we find that relationships can be easy and without strife.

Zivaya’s mission is to connect people with each other by setting the stage for them to connect to their higher Self. In Zivaya Playshops, through storytelling, music and play, participants are invited to cross the threshold to a more mindful, heart-centered way of being. By being in touch with our higher Self, we can be more at peace with others. Connecting with our higher Self allows us to truly connect with others, or to ‘Interconnect’, a term still fresh in my mind after the recent celebration of the 3rd World Day of Interconnectedness. Instead of a World Day, imagine a Life of Interconnectedness…

Get In Tune With Your Self

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