The Inner Hero

Just last month in August 2011, I participated at the Open UP Festival in the south of The Netherlands.  

The festival’s theme song (or ‘UP song’ as it is actually called), written by the talented Martine Boerstra, was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s book ‘The Hero’s Journey’.

Joseph Campbell [1904-1987] taught his students to follow their bliss: “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

The lyrics of the ‘UP song’ really hit home. The text speaks of the inner hero who lives in all of us and in everything we see, who listens to the voice of the Spirit of Life, lives her/his truth and dares to dive. The inner hero dares to share, more and more aware. Living so real: heaven and earth, no big deal! Finally the chorus welcomes us all to ‘UPgreat’ our lives: ‘So welcome, yeah come on let’s dive. Open UP – Wake UP, Open UP’!

What struck me most in the text is the recognition that it takes a hero to ‘live your truth and dare to share’. It reminded me of the legendary singer-songwriter and master teacher Debbie Friedman z.l., who just ten days before her untimely and sudden passing, was the highlight of Limmud Conference 2010. Meeting Debbie and singing with her was truly inspirational for me. I’ll never forget the ‘aha-moment’ after hearing Debbie’s words, just a few months after quitting my job and starting Zivaya:
‘It takes courage to be a Blessing’.

Indeed, it takes courage to wake up and listen to that inner voice, to live your truth and  dive into the unknown. Fortunately, the Inner Hero lives inside of us, so we can always tap into that power. 

Doing what I love to do, developing and executing Playshops for Kids, teaching life lessons through storytelling and music, certainly makes me fly.
For me, that’s what ‘UPgreating’ my life is all about.

Get In Tune With Your Self

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